Guided Meditations

There are 41 tile meditations available.  Each one begins with 20 minutes of education, choosing words carefully so as to assist you in understanding the nature of each tile and how you might access each tile.

Then there is 10 minutes of silence.  At the end of the silent time there is a gentle guide as to how to leave a meditation and engage in an activity of your choice.  You can choose to stay in the meditation for the entire 30 minutes, or reduce it down to as much silence as you require.  If you do not wait until the gentle guidance of how to leave a meditation, it is your responsibility to prepare yourself to engage in any activity.


Are there any negative side effects to meditating?

Meditation is not for everyone.  An article in New Scientist, 14 August 2020 found that 1 in 12 people who try meditation experience an unwanted negative effect.  The outcomes for everyone listening to meditation are the result of many complex variables such as physical, emotional and mental health, guided or not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, previous life experiences, reasons for meditation, length of time meditating, the perception of interpretation of a “negative event” during meditation. 

The ACGTC meditations are to educate the listener to provide a richer experience of normal, witness and wisdom mind states that occur naturally.

Here is a short sample of a meditation:

(Play the 8 minute demo of 60 Realising Truth)

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