Welcome to the
Awareness Code Global Training Centre

The only Centre for

  • Certified courses that accompany The Awareness Code book
  • Live teaching of each of the Awareness Code tiles
  • Live teachings of the Awareness Code Mastery Techniques
  • Pre-recorded meditations for each of the tiles 60 to 100
  • Live Awareness Code Psychotherapists and Mentor/Coaches ready to provide you with a session

There are 41 tile meditations available. Each one begins with 20 minutes of education, choosing words carefully so as to assist you in understanding the nature of each tile and how you might access each tile.

Then there is 10 minutes of silence. At the end of the silent time there is a gentle guide as to how to leave a meditation and engage in an activity of you choose. You can choose to stay in the meditation for the entire 30 minutes or reduce it down to as much silence as you require.

Who We Work With

ACGTC assists anyone who is interested in improving their relationships, health, confidence, empathy and compassion, communication, vision/purpose, motivation, productivity, stress management, positive mindset, how to thrive in any situation, resilience, how to be the best version of themselves and much more.
A diverse range of options exists for you. These are courses, psychotherapy sessions, mentor/coaching sessions, live tile explanations, live mastery techniques and pre-recorded meditations.

All your issues, problems, triggers, entrapments and challenges can be positioned in the below 60 tiles as explained in The Awareness Code book. We can then frame a way to move above 60 empowered tiles where solutions, breakthroughs, innovations and answers may be found. The more we know this process, the greater the potential for this to become a natural part of life or a natural way of being.

What is

The Awareness Code?

The book, written by Wayno Linton and Steve Tappin, is a breakthrough Psychological tool to identify yourself on a scale of 0 to 100 of human experience where 0 is self-loathing and the lowest one can be, to 100 profound, beyond incredible state which is the highest one can be. Each state is called a tile and there are 10 levels to the code, each with 10 tiles.
The lower 60 tiles all have entrapments or statements that keep us trapped in the emotional and mental programming of the lower tiles. But at tile 60, Realising Truth all that changes. Awakening to a new way of seeing things that is NOT ego based.
Realising is not enough. You have to be ready to change. You need to reorganise your life before changing. Letting go of emotions or patterns or habits to find a new path forward. What is the new empowerment or  revelation that you can choose to live by?

Why choose ACGTC?

ACGTC is a choice for the evolution of your own awareness and a commitment to the evolution of awareness in those you work with, your family and your wider community.

It is the intention of AC Therapy, Live Workshops, Online Courses and pre-recorded AC Guided Meditations to educate you to become a wise and insightful leader in your field, able to facilitate any positive changes required.

We welcome your interest and look forward to leading you through this profound process of change.

Ready to deep dive into the AC and all its possibilities?


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    The ACGTC Vision

    To offer professional development and education that facilitates the positive change in individuals and teams who are ready, so we can then celebrate the best outcomes for all concerned in any group or team that we are a part of.